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Builders and Developers Association is a socially committed organization formed in 2015 to organize and unite the builders who come under the unorganized sector in Kerala. BDA aims at the welfare of the Builders, Developers and the society as well.BDA will be actively engaged in creating a new horizon to construction sector of Kerala. We are proud to announce our “Vrikshamithra Project” and “Green House project”. Both the projects are socially motivated to make our atmosphere pollution-free. BDA has initiated BDA – Property Expo Centre promoted by BIRDS, a strategic approach which aims for a high volume sale, with low margins. A wide range of the best properties at affordable pricing will be available to the customers at the Expo Centre.
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Coordinates the building manufacturers in the marketing sector.

BDA inculcates reforms such as, regulate the approach of building construction field in Kerala, working with social welfare in mind, gain trust of society,ensure employment, analyse Governments measures on employment, look over legal and technical issues.

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